Gambling with Credit Cards from April 2020 in the UK

New Account Funding Rules from April 2020

What's happening?

Due to new regulations, from 14th April 2020, UK customers won’t be able to fund their accounts with credit cards. This rule applies to all betting operators and all types of betting.

What does that mean for me?

If you’re a UK customer, you won’t be able to make deposits to your account with a credit card. This includes credit card deposits to eWallets like PayPal or Apple Pay. Debit cards and prepaid cards can still be used to deposit.

What payments methods can I still use after 14th April?

You can still deposit with a debit card or prepaid card. You can also use an eWallet if it’s funded with a debit card. For example, if you try to top up your PayPal account with £20 from a debit card and £30 from a credit card, you’ll be able to deposit only £20.

Will my withdrawals will be affected?

In most cases, you’ll still be able withdraw to a credit card that’s already registered to your account if that’s how you’ve deposited in the past. Please note that you won’t be able to register a new credit card.

Can I still use my balance after the 14th April if I deposit with a credit card before then?

Yes, the new rules only prevent credit card deposits from 14th April 2020 onwards.

Will I be able to deposit with a debit card or prepaid card?

No problem there. Debit cards and prepaid cards are unaffected by this change.